About us
Anthalya Film is a project primarily cultural.
The aim of this Film Studio is to promote talent in its most genuine.
It is a reality that comes to life in the deep south of Italy in a particularly delicate moment of our history.

Anthalya is a young project, born by the inspiration entrepreneurial Gabriele Lippolis, with the involvement of young talent, otherwise unspoken.

The name Anthalya comes from a deformation of the word Anatolia. Anatolia was the region from which it has developed civilization.
Our hope is that by Anthalya may be born a new way to watch and play our world, telling it in an original and unconventional.

Anthalya is also production of Theatrical and production of Commercials and Video Clips.



Anthalya su Pomeriggio 5

  Don't Speak

   Circus Vodoo

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